Friday, October 22, 2010

Cowrie Cove Cebu (Shangri-La Mactan Cebu)

I was recently in Cebu and just had to have cocktails. So we headed on over to Cowrie Cove at the Shangri-la Mactan which is sooo gorgeous. We order a couple of cocktails that were really gorgeous and were sooo good. Plus, the world-class bartenders were super nice!
We had "Sex on the Beach" which is the Yellow cocktail in the photo. It was super tart ad yummy and interesting and perfectand it got the job done. that is, it got us drunk.haha

The orange cocktail is, of course, the classic screwdriver which is basically vodka and orange juice. no surprise there

The one in the fish-bowl like contraption is a cocktail. the name of which slips my mind.haha. but it was cute. and filled with the photo below to check the cocktail out. its GORGEOUS

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